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How Do I Contact Facebook Customer Service

Numbers For Support

Facebook, the renowned social media platform, has millions of users. Both business owners and regular users use this platform almost every day to connect with their acquaintances, network with others, chat, and promote their services. But issues on the platform are also common, for which you must avail of professional help. People commonly ask, how do I contact Facebook customer service directly?

To contact customer support, you can use the Help Center or email your concern. Facebook meta users can start a live chat and get answers to their queries from a trained ads specialist. There are also many direct contact forms that Facebook has created to help you deal with account issues, privacy violations, report copyright issues, and page unavailable errors.

This page will help you learn the process of contacting Facebook support for assistance.

Why You Might Need Facebook Support

Many issues prompt users to get Facebook support. Users worldwide look for support because of the following problems:

  • FB account has been compromised
  • Your Facebook account is disabled by the service.
  • You cannot log into your account with your credentials.
  • Inability to reset account password.
  • You want to remove targeted ads on Facebook.
  • FB is repeatedly crashing or not loading.
  • Security issues

What Is Facebook Customer Service Number?

There is no Facebook 14-hour customer service number. Unlike other social media services, Facebook does not currently have a number that you can dial to speak with a support rep. Still, if you prefer calling a service via phone, dial (650) 543-4800. This is the support number of Instagram, which is owned by Facebook or Meta.

Use this number and get assistance for the problems you are facing on FB. When it comes to Facebook, we do not recommend dialing any number. It’s because the service has other robust mediums of support that we will cover in the sections below. You can expect customer service more speedily from other mediums than a call.

How to Contact Facebook Support through the Website

The most reliable method to get Facebook help is through the website itself. The Help Center on the website offers answers to the most common to complex concerns. To begin the process of contacting Facebook support from the website, go to Here you can type out your concern on the search tab or tap any category below. These pertain to the following:

  • Account settings
  • Login and password
  • Privacy and security
  • Facebook Marketplace
  • Pages
  • Groups

On the left-hand side, you will see various options. Choose any of them to learn more about managing your account, ensuring your privacy and safety, and policies and reporting abuse or a problem with Facebook.

Send a Message About Your Problem to Facebook Support

Are you asking how do I report an issue with Facebook? You can send a message to the support team from the website. Here are the steps for the same.

  • Log into your FB account.
  • On the page that opens, tap your profile icon. It will be at the top-right part.
  • Next, click ‘Help & Support.’
  • Now, choose ‘Report a problem.’
  • Next, hit the ‘Something went wrong.’
  • Tap ‘Include in report.’ This will transfer your activity log to the Facebook customer support team.
  • Next, choose your issue’s category.
  • Give a description of your issue.
  • You can attach screenshots or videos so the support team can resolve the issue quickly.
  • Hit the ‘Submit’ button.

Best Practices When Contacting Facebook Support

FB users can expedite the process of getting FB assistance by following certain points. Use the following tips to enable the support staff to assist you better.

  • Always give a clear description of the issue you are facing.
  • Do not leave anything thinking that the support rep will understand it.
  • While describing your problem, provide information about when the problem occurred and whether it is frequent or intermittent.
  • If you face any error messages, properly describe the specific message that appears.
  • Tell the support reps about the steps that you have taken at your end to fix the problem. Also, describe the results that you have got so far.
  • Finally, be patient. You can expect the answer within a week. Until then, refrain from doing anything you aren’t sure of.
  • If you really want to do something about your problem, browse the Facebook Help Center. You may be able to find information to fix the concern yourself.

Does Facebook Have a Support Email?

Are you wondering if there’s a Facebook support email where you can send your query? It is natural to want to type out an email about your problem and send it to the Facebook support team. But you must compose and send your email to the right support email address.

Facebook has different email addresses to handle different types of inquiries. Below we have provided these email addresses. Use a particular one to send your concern to the right place.

How to Contact Facebook Support Live Chat

Presently, there is no live chat option for regular Facebook users on the website. But if you are a Facebook business or meta user and are wondering how do I chat with Meta support, follow these pointers.

  • Navigate to your account on Facebook Meta.
  • Here, click ‘Get Help.’
  • A chat screen will show up.
  • You can convey any concerns with a trained ads specialist.
  • This option is not available in every country.
  • But Facebook has plans to roll out the feature soon.

How Do I Talk to a Facebook Representative for Business Support

Do you run a business profile or page on Facebook? Today, business owners have the option of contacting Facebook support via email and chat.

  • Access your Commerce Manager in Meta
  • Now, choose the ‘Education’ tab.
  • After that, select the ‘Contact support’ option.
  • Now, adhere to the pointers on the screen to get a reply from Facebook via chat or email.
  • Facebook gives you the option to send a direct message to Meta for your business account-related inquiries. You can do that by going to

How do I chat with Meta Support through the Help Center?

Meta has a dedicated Help Center for business owners. It helps you get assistance on various problems like those with ads, account management, monetizing content, and selling on Instagram and Facebook.

  • Go to
  • The Meta Business Help Center will open.
  • Here, in the white search box, type any topic to find helpful articles.

Scroll down to find various sections on different aspects of business support. You can get help with the following:>

  • Unavailable messaging metrics
  • Unavailability of boost.
  • Troubleshooting a disabled ad account.
  • The process of ad billing on Facebook.
  • Creating and installing a Facebook pixel.
  • Verifying your business
  • Setting up a store on FB and Instagram
  • Creating a business manager.
  • Help with unsupported post type

If you need more help, there is the ‘Additional Resources’ section at the bottom of the page. It has six frequently asked support topics for which you can get assistance.

How to Contact Facebook Support Contact Forms

Facebook has many contact forms for people to resolve common queries and questions. Log into your account and go to the Help Centre page. Here you can find the following forms, which you can fill out and get answers to your concerns.

  • My Personal Account was Disabled form: Fill out this form if your FB account has been disabled.
  • Child Data Request form: Use it if you have data inquiries of FB accounts of your children below 13.
  • Submit Feedback for Facebook Accessibility and Assistive form: This form is for submitting problems about accessibility and assistive technology.
  • Payments Support form: This form is to help you report problems with promoted content on your Facebook news feed.
  • Privacy Violation form: Report all privacy breaches on your photos with this form.
  • Copyright Report form: Use it to report content that violates your copyright.
  • Trademark Report form: This is for users to report infringement on their trademarks.
  • Report a Page Unavailable Error form: Use it if you encounter an error while using Facebook.

What Happens If Your Facebook Account Is Hacked?

It’s common for Facebook accounts to get hacked in this modern digital age. However, what’s not right is not doing anything about it. When your account gets hacked, the hacker can access your personal information. These include your FB password and, through it, other credentials. They may also use your account to give spam messages to others.

If you cannot login to your account even with the right credentials, use these steps.

  • Change your password - Tap ‘Security and login.’ Go to ‘Login’ and choose the ‘Change password’ option. This method is suitable for those whose passwords have not been changed.
  • Reset your password – If the fraudster has changed your password, you cannot change it. So, reset it. Find the ‘Forgot your password’ link below Facebook login and tap it. Give the necessary information for identity verification to reset your account’s password.
  • Report a compromised FB account – It’s critical to report this hacking attempt to Facebook. Go to and tap the ‘My account is compromised’ link. On the ‘Find your account’ page, input your mobile number or email address so that Facebook can search for your account.
  • Secure your account – This is a good time to take steps to boost the security of your account. Create a robust password, and don’t share your login data with others. If you use a friend’s or a public computer to log into your Facebook, ensure to log out of it before leaving.
  • Do not open suspicious links, even if they come from a business or a friend that you know.

How do I Contact Facebook about a Disabled Account

Facebook disables users' accounts if they violate the platform’s terms of service. It can also disable your account if you report it being compromised by malware. If this happens and you want your account to be functional again, contact Facebook to request the same.

  • Firstly, read all the Statement of Rights and Responsibilities laid by Facebook for users. You must be sure that you do not violate any of them.
  • Next, go through the Facebook’s Community Standards. It is a list of how Facebook expects users to behave on the website. Your account should have adhered to those standards.
  • Now, visit the Facebook Help Center. Type ‘disabled’ in the search field and tap ‘My personal Facebook account is disabled.’
  • Tap the ‘Here’ link in the paragraph above ‘Security Disabled.’
  • Fill out the Facebook contact form and share the reasons you think are appropriate for your disabled account.
  • In the end, tap the ‘Submit’ button.

Facebook will connect with you after it decides about your account.

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